hills and hollows





We are happy to provide an intimate venue for local musicians and those who enjoy them, whether at our bi-weekly pizza nights or at special events like
our annual Customer Appreciation Day.

Music ranges from local musician jam sessions hosted by Robert Owen to performances by friends and musicians from around Utah and the surrounding area.

Show up and you may find yourself listening to a mixture of electric and acoustic guitars, harmonica, mandolin, hand drumming, flute, and more.
Or you may even want to bring your own instrument or voice and join in the fun!
Musicians who have participated have included Raymond King Shurtz,
Matt & Vicky Thorn, Utah Slim, The Coyote Town Cryers, David Holladay, and more.

Whether outside next to our wood fired oven, or inside when the weather teases us. one is sure to find a welcoming, enjoyable and satisfying musical experience.


Pictures from past events:

donna and robert

chris and rob