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Travel Information

The somewhat quiet, yet highly eclectic town of Boulder, Utah sits at the heart of Southern Utah's Canyon Country, where the foothills of Boulder Mountain & Dixie National Forest meets the Slickrock Canyons of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.
It is a prime location to take a rest or use as a home base for exploration. We're located halfway between Moab and Zion National Park and surrounded by a wide variety of Public Lands ranging from lake studded mountain forests to slickrock benches, canyons, and winding green waterways.
Situated on the glorious Scenic Byway of Highway 12, Boulder is
a quiet center away from the hustle and bustle surrounding most of the National Parks, a relaxing intersection providing access to many of Canyon Country's most splendid attractions and wilderness.

To the north and east is Capitol Reef and the Waterpocket Fold, accessed via the Burr Trail Road which, once it enters the park, heads either north to Notom and Highway 24 or south to the Bullfrog Marina at Lake Powell in the Glen Canyon Recreation Area. Heading east from Boulder, one can drive through varying geological strata including the towering Wingate Cliffs of the 7 mile long Long Canyon before entering into the Circle Cliffs, home of the Woverine Petrified Wood Wilderness Area and eventually on to Capitol Reef National Park.

To the north and west lie the Aspen and Pine surrounded lakes of Boulder Mountain and the Aquarius Plateau, part of Dixie National Forest, the highest timbered plateau in the United States. Fish or canoe some of the many serene lakes. Drive the Hells Backbone Road, the original road connecting Boulder and Escalante, for a taste of the foothills of the plateau, making your way through a mixture of Juniper, Pinyon, Aspen and Ponderosa forest as well as experiencing the Hell's Backbone Bridge, The Top end of Death Hollow, and McGath &Posey Lakes among others. Old logging and forest service roads branch off, providing high clearance and 4x4 access to various areas of the mountain.

To the south and southwest is the Escalante Canyons region of the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument. Head out the Burr Trail Road to Deer Creek or the Gulch for either a day hike or more extensive backcountry adventures. Head south on Highway 12 over the Hogsback and hike in to such wonderful awe insiring spots as the Upper or Lower Calf Creek Falls, camp at the Calf Creek Recreation Area, explore the Escalante River with its various meanders, ruins, arches, natural bridges, pictographs and petroglyphs. Head down Hole In the Rock Road to investigate the more remote side canyons of the Escalante watershed, or hike the intimate and sometimes challenging slot canyons such as Peekaboo and Spooky. Try your stamina and resolve in Death Hollow or hike the 19 mile slong Mail Trail which used to bring mail and sundries back and forth between Escalante and Boulder via mule.
Whatever your high desert or outdoor adventure tastes, the Boulder area is sure to provide an exceptional and lasting experience.

Boulder is located only 71 miles northeast of Bryce Canyon and only a few hours from Zion National Park.

(Starting Point: miles to/from Boulder, UT)

Salt Lake City, UT: 250 miles
Las Vegas, NV: 323 miles
Denver, CO: 504 miles
Grand Canyon Recreation Area: 248 miles
Zion National Park: 156 miles
Moab (Arches/Canyonlands): 209 miles
Natural Bridges National Monument
via Burr Trail: 164 miles
via UT-95: 185 miles
Bryce Canyon National Park: 71 miles
Capitol Reef Nat. Park: 57 miles
(from visitor center via 24 & 12)
Cedar City: 151 miles
Dinosaur National Monument: 289 miles
Bullfrog Marina: 72 miles
Kanab, UT: 151 miles
Mesa Verde National Park
thru Moab via 191/I-70: 344 miles
thru 4 corners/ UT-95: 310 miles

Things to remember when travelling in Southern Utah:

- Many services taken for granted are few and far between.
Access to Grocery Stores, ATM's and Banks is very limited.
Boulder does not have any of the above services, and we, as a general store, strive to provide an oasis of healthy & fresh choices in an area where the nearest small grocery store is 30 miles away. The type of grocery store most are accustomed to is more than 90 miles away.
We offer up to $20 cash back with debit card purchases.
(with a minimum card purchase of $7)

- The type of organic goods & natural foods we carry are not readily available in most of Southern Utah. The nearest stores with comparable stock are in Springdale & Cedar City to the west, and Moab to the east.

- Our goods have to travel the same roads which you do in order to get to us. Remember that out here, fresh fruits and specialty items are more of a luxury rather than taken as common. Locals drive long distances for everyday items. Deliveries to our remote location are limited. A lot of time, energy, and dedication is taken to bring those goods to us. Supplies can be limited at times, as Southern Utah businesses do not deal in the same amount of volume as businesses in more densely populated areas do. This can also have an effect on the costs of items and services due to the increased amount of energy needed in order to deliver them.

- Paying with cash at local and independent businesses helps them avoid transaction fees. This allows them to provide better services and goods as well as a higher living wage for their employees.

- Wildlife is everywhere, so be alert when driving.
Deer, wild turkeys and other animals can be very unpredictable.
From Late Spring through Mid- Fall, also keep an eye out for free range cattle roaming Boulder Mountain along the highway.

- Drive and stop responsibly. If you are driving slower than those behind you, use a pullout in order to let the other vehicles pass.
Speed Limits exist for a reason. Highway 12 is a road which takes awareness to drive and the speed limits adjust according to terrain and safety. Please respect them.
-Please use pulloffs when you wish to stop and enjoy the views. It is best not to stop in the middle of the road to take in a view or take photos. Highway 12 is a narrow, winding highway with many steep grades and blind corners. It is unsafe to be stopped in the road in an unpredictable manner, or in a way in which only part of the vehicle is parked off of the road.

- Auto and towing services are limited. A flat tire or a breakdown is going to take more time to remedy than it would in more populated areas. Boulder does not have a towing service though Escalante, Bicknell, and Loa do.
Boulder has one mechanic with limited availability, though he's known to pull through in a pinch.

-We are surrounded by wilderness and its whims.
Power Outages can be a regular occurance during spring rains and the late summer monsoon season, though service is usually rather quickly restored. From Late Fall through Spring, Highway 12 over Boulder Mountain can have drifting, icy grades, and is only plowed during daylight hours, but is usually in passable condition during daylight hours. In winter, keep an eye out for snow plows & tractors plowing or moving snowdrifts off of the road.

- Cellphone service can be spotty but does exist.
Mobile coverage is available within the central area of Boulder, and areas within eyesight of the small main towers. You should also recieve coverage if you are within view of Navajo Mountain.

- Internet Service is likely not to be as high bandwidth as it is in urban areas. In Boulder, our Internet Service is connected to Escalante via a microwave tower & has limited router bandwidth, though the speeds would still be considered broadband.

-Garfield County does not currently have a Recycling Program.
The residents of Boulder have organized a local monthly subscription & volunteer supported recycling system.
Our Recyclables are collected and then driven to Cedar City with a private vehicle & trailer.
Carrying your recyclables with you to a location such as Moab or Springdale which have highly developed and well implemented recycling systems might create less of a carbon footprint than leaving them in Boulder would.

- Be safe. Do not drive on unpaved roads (especially if they are clay) or hike in dangerous canyons during inclement weather.
Always carry water and food in your car in case of emergencies.


from Salt Lake City:

take I-15 south to Scipio and exit onto US-50. Take US 50 to Salina. Turn south/southeast on Highway 24 to Torrey. Just past Torrey, turn right onto Highway 12 and drive over Boulder Mountain and into Boulder, UT

from Las Vegas:
There are two options.

(NOTE: The first option is currently unavailable due to a rock slide closing UT-14. Expected reopening July 2012)
Take I-15 N towards St. George
Take exit 57 toward UT-14/I-15 Bus/Cedar City
Merge onto S Main St/UT-130
Turn right at E Center St/UT-14
Continue to follow UT-14
Turn left at US-89
Turn right at E Hwy-12/UT-12
Continue to follow UT-12

Option thru Zion NP:

Take I-15 north
Take exit 16 for UT-9 toward ZION NATL.PARK/Hurricane.
Keep right at the fork to continue toward W State St/UT-9 and merge onto W State St/UT-9. Drive through Zion National Park (you must pay the $25 entrance fee or have a park pass) and on to Mt. Carmel Junction. Turn north (left)
on HWY 89. Drive north until you reach the intersection with HWY 12. turn right and follow HWY 12 to Boulder UT (turn off from 89 to 12 will say Bryce Canyon)

From the Grand Canyon/Kanab:

Take 89 north to Highway 12 east.

From Moab:

Take 191 north to Interstate 70.
Head west past Green River.
Exit to Highway 24 and drive south towards Hanksville & Capitol Reef.
At Hanksville, turn right and follow HWY 24 west towards Torrey. After passing through Capitol Reef, turn left onto Highway 12 and head south to Boulder.

From Southeast Utah, Natural Bridges, or Monument Valley
there are a few options:

From Monument Valley head N/NE on 163 up the Moki Dugway & over Cedar Mesa, or North on 191 towards Blanding, UT. Turn left when you reach UT-95 and drive north to Hanksville. Continue west as 95 turns into UT-24 heading towards Torrey & Loa.
After passing through Capitol Reef turn left at Highway 12 and head south to Boulder.

From Natural Bridges, follow UT-95 north to Hanksville & follow above directions, or drive NW on UT-95 to the first intersection with UT-276, turn left and take 276 to the Bullfrog Ferry. Cross the Colorado on the ferry & then head north on the Burr Trail/Bullfrog/Notom Road.
Turn left (west) at junction of Notom/Burr Trail and head up switchbacks and continue west to Boulder, UT.
If you wish to bypass the ferry, it is possible to drive north past Hite, UT and the Colorado River and backtrack Southeast via the northern turnoff for UT-276. This route will take you alongside the Red House Cliffs and to the connection with the Bullfrog/Notom/Burr Trail Road at Bullfrog.

From Bryce Canyon:
head east on Highway 12 for 71 miles

Located in the quiet yet eclectic town of Boulder, Utah, we sit at a wonderful central point of the Southern Utah National & State Parks and Recreation Areas on the incredible Scenic Byway Highway 12 & Its junction with the Scenic Backway Burr Trail Road.

An amazing and varied landscape lies in every direction, whether it be the Aspens & Lakes
of Boulder Mountain, The Burr Trail with its 'back door' access to the Circle Cliffs,
Waterpocket Fold & Lower portion of Capitol Reef NP, the Henry Mountains, Glen Canyon and Lake Powell; The Escalante Canyons & River, Calf Creek Canyon with its two waterfalls, the Hole in the Rock Road and other features of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, Bryce Canyon NP, Kodachrome Basin State Park... the list goes on and on.

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